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My craptastic graphics would cease to exist without these
wonderful people and websites!


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The preview for New Moon! AMAZING! HOLY SHIT! Jacob morphing was... I cant even think straight. OMG it looks SOOOOO EFFIN' GOOD! 


Twilight/New Moon on Facebook

Anyone have Facebook? And have the Twilight Official Profile as a friend thingy? They posted some great new shots from filming in Italy! It's the scene where Bella stops Edward from stepping into the sun. They are AMAZING!

If you aren't on Facebook, or haven't seen the pics, here's the link.

Edward/Bella in Italy!!

Birthday Wishes!


Hope it's a good one sweetie!

craptastic icons

I got bored and made a bunch of icons this week. Once again, tell me whatcha think. Constructive criticism is always welcome.

Gossip Girl (Chuck, Blair/Chuck, Dan/Serena, Serena/Cece/Lily)
16-23 Dollhouse (Echo, Echo/Sierra, Mellie/November, Mellie/Paul, Dr. Saunders/Topher)
24-27 True Blood (Sookie, Sookie/Sam, vampire)
28-31 Supernatural (Dean, Sam, Ben)

32-38 Blake Lively/Leighton Meester
39-41 Leighton Meester
42-44 Eliza Dushku
45-48 Sarah Michelle Gellar

*Note - the few textures I tried out were either already on my phto editing stuff or from


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MTV Movie Awards

Twilight and it's actors got nominated for a few awards. So, I thought I'd spread the word.

Vote Here

2009 Movie List

some good stuff this summerCollapse )Titles in italics are movies I wanna see really super duper badly.

whatcha think?

I made some icons on my new computer. I have no idea if they're good or what, but lemme know what you think of them.

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